Meet Monoline - Your personal micro journal.

Write down your thought freely and quickly, sync automatically across devices on different platforms in real-time. Put it simply, it's a messenger app but only for sending to yourself 🤯


Simple and intuitive

You just want to write down your brilliant idea before it's gone. You don't care about the title of your note or which category it belongs to, let along the font and formating. Monoline lets you focus on taking note once again.


Worry about sending email or a message to the wrong person while it was supposed for yourself once again? Monoline is designed only for you, so you can always be sure that you won't send it to the wrong person by a mistake.


The communication between your devices and our servers is all encrypted. Also, more security features such as device pin number and biometric authentication are coming soon to make it even more secure!

Cross platform

No matter you are using an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or an Android tablet, or if you want to use Monoline app on your Mac, Windows or Linux machine, we have you all covered!

Seamless Sync

You can sign-in your Monoline account on different devices and see the same message timeline sync in real-time, make it easy to share a link, a file or a piece of code across devices.

Powerful search

All messages posted on Monoline are easily searchable, you can add hashtags to make your messages organized. You can also use special hashtags to filter uploaded files, links or pieces of code you posted.


We are working hard on adding new awesome features to Pro plan!

$ 0


Enjoy your free personal micro journal!

  • Unlimited Messages
  • 200 MB Storage
  • 2 Devices
$ 1.99


For advanced users, billed $23.88 annually.

$ 2.99


For advanced users, billed $2.99 monthly.

  • Unlimited Messages
  • 1 TB Storage
  • Unlimited Devices
  • More to come soon ...