Here comes the desktop apps! 🎉

Screenshots of Monoline desktop apps for Windows / Mac / Linux

Today I am very proud to announce, the desktop apps of Monoline for Windows, Mac, and most importantly, Linux are now released! Building software is hard, not to mention a cross-platform one. The more platforms we support, the more cost for maintenance. Justifying spending valuable development time making a build for Linux is challenging as a for-profit business, particularly for a small startup. However, one of the reasons we built Monoline is to empower people to keep a quick note or a file around and make them accessible easily no matter what device you are using. We want to bring the native app experience to the Linux community like all other platforms, even though the web app can be used anywhere. People often complain they cannot find apps on the Linux desktop environment. Hopefully by making Monoline support Linux natively will help that a little bit.

The Windows app and Linux app currently only support x86 AMD64 CPU architecture. And for the Linux app, we only provide AppImage and snap. Okay, I know, I know, why isn’t my favorite package format is supported, you say. Well, if you think we should support any particular platform, format, or CPU architecture, please feel free to send us an email at We are trying our best to make them happen.

Finally, hope you enjoy the new desktop apps! 😄

Fang-Pen Lin About Author

Software Engineer and Founder of Launch Platform